About Us

Prognosis UK Ltd – we are a young and dynamic technology company that is working on our vision of breaking down language barriers to “Encourage Global Communication”.

Trans-Vox has been developed with this in mind, we are not trying to re-invent the wheel. We are simply looking to provide a robust tool which will assist people in their everyday lives to communicate more effectively with others from all over the world who do not share the same language. With this in mind we have developed Transvox, a bi-directional speech to speech translation application to help reduce language barriers to facilitate communications globally in real time.

The Team

Atiq Rehman, the teams founder is a seasoned professional who has been working with global organisations for over 10 years within the technology space. His last assignment was with an International Treaty Organisation, who’s remit was to assist emerging economies in their ICT and Telecommunications programmes and projects for social and economic development.

Ugochukwu Amanoh a Software Engineer developer who holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering and a Masters in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Glamorgan where he finished top of his class with distinction. As a team member displayed his love and dedication for developing applications, providing innovative ideas which were instrumental in the design and development of the Trans-Vox application.

Our Third Team member is an experienced and seasoned professional within the mobile applications development arena who has a PhD in Mobile Communications, he has been pursuing research in the area of mobile computing at the University of Glamorgan. Prior to this, he won many awards including the prestigious “Sir Ratan Tata Scholarship” for academic excellence. He also holds a certification from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) for Wireless LANs and CDMA Mobile Communications